Friday, 10 June 2011

Many thanks for my achievements in Love Storytelling Workshop

I am very pleased with this Love Storytelling Workshop and all activities we have done through this learning week.
I would like to say many thanks to Hannah and Mandy for excellent organization and support and actually to all our volunteers, especially to Mia and Claire, who helped me a lot.

I was attracted to the Workshop because I like to learn, like to work in a group and share experiences, to improve my English and computers skills.
During the Workshop I have learnt how to use digital technology and realized how the learning process is important / maybe more than the final result.

I enjoyed very much in all activities, my favourite moment was, when I realized what we can do with all these digital tools, support and help in a short time.

I enjoyed in boat tour and visiting Clifton Village as well. Bristol is a very good environment to learn in!

With love and all the best,


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