Friday, 10 June 2011

Live - Love - Laugh

Allowing me to be initiated into the world of 'blog' is dangerous.  My emails and letters to friends can become rather long and 'wordy' so I will try to take Mandy's advice about stripping away the meat of our story .... back to the bare bones, or as Robert said "kill your darlings".  To anyone outside the group this sounds more dangerous than intended!!!
This week has been transforming and helped me to look at the future with different eyes and the opening  of all sorts of opportunities.  New friendships forged and an increasing awareness of all sorts of possibilities.  The people in terms of tutors creative Maddy and Hannah amazing technical support from Paddy and getting to know the international participants plus the support of young talented volunteers has been inspiring.  A big thank you to everyone.
There is a definite excitement amongst us about tonight's showcase.  It will be so good to see everyones hard work and results come to fruition.  Wonderful how our Love stories are so different and we could each write or rather digitalise another on the same topic.  Food for thought.
My husband Roger and son Paul will be at the "Oscars this evening, (I'm looking forward to seeing their  reaction when they see themselves 32 years ago and the story attached!)  
Back soon - Anita

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