Friday, 10 June 2011

Listening With Love

Its day 5, time to pause after a truly wonderful experience of our Love Story happening.  I wish to share this with you, the rain still falling outside, a cosy hum of completion in the room.
As we bare boned our stories on day one, I doodled my images, when Mandy slipped by, inviting me to use this as an illustration. An electric moment, a huge relief not to use photos  which I was aware of in the preparations days before.  A poem, images archetypal voices , illustration, colour, texture, paints,oils, pencil waited in the wings. A new beginning, yet with the guidance of Mandy and Olivera and Hannah honouring "fusing mediums" a storyboard, no matter how simple, found its way (imported...) into the photoshop.  Then the marriage of art and techno had begun, a whole new language slipped from my lips, such as duplicate, hue, saturation..............yep.  Its now day 5, Listening With Love is now exported. We wait to see it on bigger screen.  I am happy.  I am excited to see what we, a group who shared boat rides, menus, laughter, our heart beats this afternoon.   love Rissa

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