Friday, 10 June 2011

How I love Nordic Walking Style or my happy week in Bristol

It was a happy week in Bristol. The week among amazing people thinking and speaking about love.
It was very nice to hear impressive and exciting love stories the friends of the group were telling about.
My story about  my love for Nordic Walking Style was not very  attractive.  It was  usable mainly  like good base which helped me in creating digital film about love.  Yes, I love Nordic Walking, but my love for my close  people is much  more deep.
One of the main actors in the  film is my grandson  Augustas. In order to convey an emotion of  the “excellent feeling” it was the best way to show the happy smile of a child.  I love him very much.

Another “actor- sportsman”  was my son Vytautas. I am happy, than in the same day when I finished my  job - small digitall film, he finished his big job –  became the bachelor at Kaunas University of technologies.

All materials for my film I took from my own archive and from my site  (English version in the near future will be in

I would like to thank our excellent leaders and teachers Hannah, Mandy  and Paddy. Your help in creating digital films is very important and usefull to me. I found the great  possibility how to put  information and my  living experience into the film by using digital technologies.

With grateful thanks,

Jonas Koryzna

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