Friday, 10 June 2011

Chiseled from the Heart

Chiseled from the Heart, A tribuet to Life in the Sculptures of Gustav Vigeland (in the Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo, Norway).
A wonderfull 5 days at the Watershed Love Workshop!
First, great thabks to Hannah, Mandy and Paddy for their disciplined organisation of the project, for their and the volunteers knowledge, helpfulness and not at least patience.

As my theme, 'Chiseled from the Heart'm  I have chosen some of the scuptures of Gustav Vigeland which implis a 'Cirle of Life', from infancy to old age. There are obviously too many sculptures to fit in a digital story of 2 minutes, so the examples are inturely my own and personal.
One part of a sculpture that is being repeated, is that of a child reaching for, picking up a serpent. I have followed this image by sculptures or details that contrast with the immediate response to Love: the angry little boy, the raging youths (pestering an old, retarded man), a young boy withdrawing from the hand of a grandfather, man drifting apart from his woman and the man trying to break the ring, the bonds of (everyday) life.
Finlly, the Circle of Life, the Wheel of History, a sculpture placed at an height at the west end of the park, showing 5 humans integrated as a ring.

The Road Goes on Forver, wrtites Tolkien; or as we say in Norway, Life takes place as we wander along the road.
The inspiration and gained knowlegde of these five days will help me 'getting into' the tools of digital storytelling. I hope to be able to master the craft within soon  - and there will be many more stories told.

Again, great, great thanks to the staff for their patience, knowledge and inspiration!

Best regards to all.
Bjørn Kongsgaard

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